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Garg Acrylics Ltd.

Garg Acrylics Ltd. are one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers & exporters of basic yarns, specialty yarn & garments. Yarns is our largest business with installed capacity of 3,43,230 spindles, with the production of 2, 00, 000 KGS/day.


  • Quality
  • Leadership
  • Technology
  • Innovation


Garg Acrylics Ltd. Aims to be a world class textiles organization with providing variety of products for international textile market.


  • Totally Customer Oriented
  • Constant Improvement to achieve excellence
  • Continued Expansion & Diversification
  • Adaptibility to change

Product Value Addition

Our organization is focused in manufacturing value added yarns as we have good production of dyed cotton yarn, dyed acrylic yarn, dyed polyester yarns & speciality melange yarns & slub yarns.

  • 3,43,230

    Yarn Divisions


    Established in 1999, Yarn manufacturing is the major activity of Garg Acrylics Ltd. and we are equipped with latest state of the art machinery. GAL is producing wide range of grey & dyed cotton synthetic and blended yarns.

  • 15,000
    Pcs Per Day

    Established in 2007, a company with products having exceptional quality and unparalleled craftsmanship for the global market. The garment unit has been delivered into two divisions fine knits and sweater manufacturing, each having their own separate unit heads, merchants and staff.

  • 20 Tons
    per Day

    Fabric Division


    Established in 2015 as a worsted spinner and Hosiery manufacturer, Garg Group has grown itself as leading textile giant of Northern India manufacturing yarn, woven fabric and knitwear with strong market reputation and acceptability.

  • 35 Tons
    Per Day

    Dye House


    Established in 2000. Our Company is doing all types of dying such as:
    1. Fiber Dying , 2. Tow Dying, 3. Hank Dying, 4. Cone Dying, 5. Fabric Dying

Why Us ?

  • Competitive Prices
  • Best After Sales Service
  • Acceptable Quality Needs
  • Proper Logistic Support
  • New Product Development

Management Team


Mr. Sanjiv Garg

Managing Director


Mr. Rajiv Garg

Managing Director


Mr. Ujjwal Garg



Mr. Sambhav Garg


Certifications & Nominations

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Our Key International Markets Are:


Bangladesh, China, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Korea, Vietnam, Japan


Poland, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Portugal


Colombia, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Guatemala


South Africa, Kenia, Egypt, Tunisia, Cameron, Mombasa, Madagascar

Our Brands

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